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Welcome to the thundersticks factory.
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custom thundersticks

Personalised thundersticks
Made with 100% Recycled Plastic
Ecological advertising!

- Recycled ecological product.
- An eye-catching product.
- The most economical advertising format on the             market.
- Easy to use.
- Promote your brand.
- Huge public acceptance.

Advertising with the greatest impact!
Caja de aplaudidores

Sports events, launches, social events, competitions, shopping centres, seasonal promotions, promotions of products, drinks, food, motorcycle races, rallies, basketball, athletics, cycling and multi-sports events, championships, etc.

- Benefits: low cost, safety, an eye-catching item with great impact.
This is the ideal advertising format with the optimum benefit for cost ratio.
Technical characteristics:
- These thundersticks can be printed in up to 6 colours per side
- Background, Pantone and CMYK colours
- We can print any text, logos, phone numbers, etc.
- Width: 10 cm standard
- Length: 60 cm standard (other sizes on request)
- The thundersticks have a check valve to guarantee their long life.
- The thundersticks are manufactured in RECYCLED LDPE
- Excellent manufacturing features, seals and finish, with unbeatable design and presentation.

set thundersticks
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