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Welcome to the thundersticks factory.
aplaudidores de calidad ecólogica
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 More than 12,000,000 thundersticks manufactured  

  all printed and manufactured in our factory Valencia - SPAIN.  

quality certificate seal
Thundersticks with quality certificate
All our thundersticks pass an exhaustive quality control throughout the manufacturing, printing and welding process

transport fast
Your thundersticks delivered on time
LAMIPRES AEM delivers all its thundersticks orders with the agreed delivery date with the customer.
Ecological thundersticks
LAMIPRES AEM, Manufactures ecological thundersticks, with its new Bio-Lam series, an Ok Compost film, extruded in our Potato Starch factory
clapper with flag
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Pantone thundersticks
full-colour thundersticks

In LAMIPRES AEM we manufacture thundersticks with the best state-of-the-art inks of high brightness and resistance, giving their thundersticks extraordinary quality in bright colours

thundersticks can be printed in four-colour or flat colours with reference to the colour chart of the Pantone® C table, being able to choose from more than 1200 colour tones.

Thundersticks designs and artworks in 24 hours
Our team of designers, specialized in perfectly adjusting their logos to the thundersticks  to make the most of the available space, for a perfect and proportionate impression of each thunderstick.
As manufacturers of thundersticks:

- you can make all kinds of changes that you want in the production
process of your thundersticks, such as your personalized printing of the bag.

- You can also change the standard straw for an ecological paper straw.

- You can also introduce some type of advertising in the package.

- The minimum production quantity is 500 sets, but you can check lower quantities if you wish.

- The possibilities are endless, ask us your idea.
Organic thundersticks in paper bags
set thundersticks
Custom thundersticks
Custom thundersticks manufactured with recycled material of 1st Quality both in design, like printing and welding, do you join the ecological advertising?.

thundersticks ok compost
Ecological  thundersticks Ok Compost
Organic clappers made of potato starch, where all its components are compostable.

banner thundersticks orange
Banner thundersticks
Clapper banner, have a banner between both clappers where to put your logo or event, gaining brand showiness.

thundersticks with advertising flap
Wing thundersticks
Wing thundersticks, have a wing to add more advertising space, being fun and more striking.

thundersticks witch flag
Flag thundersticks
Flag clappers are the best option of a double-acting product, a clapper + a flag, perfect for any type of event.
custom Flame-retardant clappers
Flame-retardant thundersticks
Flame-retardant thundersticks have an additive that is applied in the production of the thunderstick, facilitates flame retardation and therefore an event safer
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