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Colours Pantone

You can choose from more than 1200 Pantone colours for your thundersticks texts and designs.

Our Design department will make the artworks for you to see and confirm your applause sketches before moving on to the printing process

The inks that are used for the printing of the thundersticks are of the last generation of high colourimetry, and respectful with the environment.

Certified inks for Ok Compost thundersticks.
Drawing printer

You can choose any Pantone C colour for the film for your thundersticks.

In our manufacture of thundersticks, we extrude in any colour but you can also print a continuous background colour being able to print any Pantone colour.
The colours in film are Base colours, or special colours such as gold, silver ..., following the preferences of each client's request
colours thundersticks
Colours thundersticks
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