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Wing thundersticks

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The thunderstick size is exactly the same as the standard 10 x 60 cm plus the wing space (Wing) is 10 x 60 cm.
You can print any type of logo or text on one or two sides in both the thunderstiks area and the wing space (Wing).
The minimum production quantity is only 500 units and each bag consists of two Wing thundersticks and a straw to inflate.

The impression of the area of ​​the wing thundersticks can be independent of the thundersticks impression, giving infinite possibilities of designs and colours.

Product of great acceptance for its great sight in large spaces, such as football, basketball, F1, cycling, competitions, musical events and sports …………

wing seat thundersticks

Technical characteristics:

- Backgrounds in any color.
- Printing in Pantone colors and four colors.
- You can print any text, logos, phone, etc.
- Measures - thundersticks: 60 x 10 cm.
                    - Flag: 60 x 10 cm.
- Printing up to 6 colors.
custom wing thundersticks
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